Cultural Resource Commission

The Cultural Resource Commission (CRC) was established by  the Yancey County Commission in December, 2001. The CRC was designated as a 501(c-6 ) non-profit organization whose purpose is to help identify, preserve, enhance and promote the county's cultural resources to benefit the community's  quality of life and its social and economic well being. The CRC also serves as an umbrella organization  to collaborate with and help coordinate efforts of organizations, agencies, institutions, businesses, and individuals active in Yancey County's cultural life and cultural economic development.

The CRC's board includes the directors of non-profit  organizations, the county and town governments, and members of the  community-at-large, working together to preserve the best of a rich past, while creating opportunities for a creative and profitable future.


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Contact Information

Jeannie Ray Styles

Office Location

Mountain Heritage Center
113 Green Mountain Drive
Burnsville, NC 28714


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